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we invented nothing








What would be the purpose of sharing our references?



- Julija und Lisa


This is a film that interrupts itself and does not come to an end. All conclusions remain to be drawn ; everything has to be recalculated. The problem continues to be posed — in continually more complicated terms. We have to resort to other measures. Just as there was no profound reason to begin this formless message, so there is none for concluding it. I have scarcely begun to make you understand that I don’t intend to play the game.


We invented nothing


Adventure is dead


All conclusions remain to be drawn

To undermine the conventions of its communication.


What a task!


A documentation of the conditions of non communication.


The spectacle as a whole is nothing other than this era, an era in which a certain youth has recognised itself.


This dominant equilibrium is brought back into question each time unknown people try to live differently.



But it was always far away. We learn of it through the papers and newscasts. We remain outside it, relating to it as just another spectacle. We are separated from it by our own nonintervention. And end up being rather disappointed in ourselves.


At what moment was choice postponed ?


The point is not to recognise that some people live more or less poorly than others, but that we all live in ways that are out of our control.


any statement in a film that is not illustrated by images must be repeated or else the spectators will miss it.






* from Guy Debord Critique de la séparation (1961)





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*to be updated...